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SOG Vulcan Folding Knife VL-03 – 8.375-Inch, Black Free Shipping

Looking for a strong, safe and durable knife? Then have a look on the SOG Vulcan Folding Knife VL-03. Its special Arc-lock locking mechanism gives you ultimate strength, safety, and speed. Furthermore, this foldable knife is formidable with a powerful strength of the structure. This is easily open and closes with one hand securely with the help of the Arc-lock technology. Its eye-catching satin finish and the high-quality blade will definitely attract you instantly. Let’s see why you would like this SOG Vulcan Tanto foldable knife to use in this price range.

SOG Vulcan Folding Knife

Important Features of the SOG Vulcan Folding Knife VL-03 – Foldable knife:

SOG Arc-Lock

The SOG Vulcan Folding Knife uses the Arc-lock which is one of the most powerful locks in the world. This lock uses a pivotal block to lock the blade in the place. Moreover, it offers an ambidextrous handle for improving the grip. This practically tested on more than 1000 pounds of pressure for justifying the strength. This is one of the finest lock available which can bear maximum special.

Low-Carry pocket clip

A reversible low carry pocket clip is included with the knife. This is for providing discreet and accessible carry to anywhere the knife. It attaches with knife’s butt and very convenient to use.

Unique design structure

In the modern time, a knife should be smart, safe and speedy with razor sharpness, though. Even it’s a sharp one but you will feel the difficulty make a precise cut when it does not fit comfortably in your palm. But on the SOG Vulcan Folding knife, the handle is ergonomically contoured with a textured handle to prevent slipping. The handle is especially glass-reinforced nylon made and great for excellent grip. Moreover, it’s only 5 ounces in weight and very easy to use and carry. Yet sturdy enough to work with full confidence.

Power of a straight blade

The SOG Vulcan Folding Knife has 3.5 inches straight edge blade. The blade is made out of San Mai VG10 steel with satin finish. First of all, its entire look really classy but stylish. Second, of all, it’s really useful when it’s the matter of cutting, chopping or slicing anything. And finally, the tanto straight makes its stronger and speed rather than rest of the foldable knife.

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  • Very powerful, strong and speedy to work with.
  • Its arc-lock system provides the maximum safety and strength.
  • Has ambidextrous double thumb studs for one hand handling.
  • Easily foldable and lightweight.
  • Very comfortable grip handle.
  • Provides lifetime warranty service.
  • Affordable price.


  • The pocket clip may get soft or loose after using for a long time.


  1. Question: is it hard to sharpen the knife?

Answer: no, nobody complains ever to sharpen it.

  1. Question: how does the handle feel?

Answer: hard yet comfortable.

  1. Question: what is the weight of the knife?

Answer: 0.8 ounces.

  1. Question: what is the size of the knife?

Answer: 8.375 inches.

Customer Reviews

We have found many reviews both negative and positive about the SOG Vulcan Folding Knife. So we have selected few from you to know more about the product. Let’s check them out.

A customer Mr. Michael Millikan said, “I found this knife very useful for great safety and design. Also, it’s flexible and easily handled with any size of a hand. Like, mine is medium to small and I feel comfortable to use it.”

Also, Mr. Brian said, “it deep clip is great. Worth the price and good for everyday work, though.”

Another customer named G. Powell said about the knife, “it great for the campaign. The knife slice and dice stuff wonderfully. But I think it’s big for every day carrying.”

In conclusion

This knife is overall a great product to use for a lifetime. The thickness and sharpness of the blade are really great to work with. Moreover, you can carry it with your bag, purse pouch, money bag or anything smaller. So if you want to a safer, easy opening, strong foldable blade then goes for the SOG Vulcan Folding Knife.

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