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Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife w/ Sheath


Want to have a maximum function delivered knife? Then you can consider the Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife is your very first option. Its designer Paul Sheiter said himself, “a complicated product can make more complicated the situation when it’s a matter of survival. So I designed this Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife with pure simplicity to achieve maximum usefulness.” This knife is very sharp, tough, lightweight and super corrosion resistance.

Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife
Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife w/ Sheath

Important Features of the Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife w/ Sheath

Complete strength

The Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife is made with 154 CM stainless steel. For the better cut, it has 58-60 HRC hardness and full flat blade grind. As well as, you will get ultimate power to cut, chop and grind with this one.

Secure grip

This knife’s handle made with G10. This black color handle is long enough to make a sure grip with any hand. So with the bare hand or gloved hand, you can work with the full effort.


The Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife comes with a sheath to carry it easily whenever you need. This sheath is made of nylon and has a couple of Molle webs so that you can attach this to anything. This tan color and easy carrying sheath are perfect for save the knife from outside things and carrying.

Long durability

Like the other options, usefulness, portability etc. this knife is also made for long term use. Its stainless steel body is protected from corrosion. Which means you can use its wood, grass, meat, plant but never get the problem with its sharpness or scratch.

The design

The design of the sheath is not so glitz type. But surely it’s a good one. It’s made with pure simplicity to provide maximum performances for survival.

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  • Lightweight, easy to carry with the sheath.
  • Very hard and tough. The blade is around 58-60 HRC in hardness. Silver colored mirror finish 5-inch long blade to do any cut.
  • The handles are made with G10 which makes it very hard and easier for a secure grip.
  • Completely corrosion resistance.


  • The height of the blade can be a little bit small for some cases. Especially who are fond of the large bladed knife, they may find it less useful.


  1. Question: does it a foldable knife?

Answer: No, it’s completely a fixed blade knife.

  1. Question: does the manufacturer from China?

Answer: no, from the USA.

  1. Question: does it include any pouch?

Answer: no instead of pouch it has 2 molle webs for attaching anything to it.

  1. Question: is this the new generation with the G10 handles and high polished blade?

Answer: yes.

Customer Reviews

Here is some real life customers’ opinion, who have had used the Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife for a long time. Let’s see what they are saying.

Ross Henry said about the knife, “this is a solid knife which feels really good and perfect for the survival. It does not have powder coating which makes it more useful I guess. I like its great combination of usefulness and simplicity.”

Also, another customer of this knife said, “the best knife of all. Very durable, cheap in price, and useful. No excessiveness of glamor.” By Ben Baker.

Here we found some different opinion about the knife from Joshua. He said, “This looks so shiny and I love the spine of the knife more. But the handle of the knife it’s not comfortable and the size is little small for me.”

After seeing all of these reviews it can be said for sure, this knife is pretty good for all of the survival purpose. Of course, every person has different choice and necessity when it comes to tools weapon or other personal things. But surely this knife can fulfill all of your needs.

In conclusion

Overall, this knife is a perfect example of a clean, classic, reliable survival knife. Also, it comes with an affordable price too. So, for well-balanced performances, you can choose the Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife w/ Sheath for lifetime use.

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