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Benchmade Knife 940 Plain Satin Blade Green Handle


The Benchmade knife 940 provides you ultra smooth operation and one hand opening. This is an Osborn design knife featuring strong and sharp performance and easy carrying facility. It has 3.40 inches modified reverse tanto stainless steel blade and a green anodize aluminum handle. Moreover, it looks great for the larger mirror glaze sharp blade and a cool green handle.

Important Features of the Benchmade Knife 940 Plain Satin Blade Green Handle

Plain edge blade

The Benchmade knife 940 got a reversible plain edge for cutting. This tanto premium S30V stainless steel made blade is very strong and perfectly corrosion resistance. So no matter how you use it for work, it stays new after an age. Moreover, you can work with it for everyday outdoor works like cutting, dice, and slicing. You can work with it in woods, plants, cut meat, fish etc. infect any place any situation you imagine.

One hand operating

This is specially designed by Osborne for providing you ultra smooth one hand operation. Its special lock system allows maximum safety while opening or closing the blade with smoothness.

Aluminum handles

The Benchmade knife 940 has an aluminum handles with stainless steel liners. This green anodized handle gives you perfect grip and safety when you are working with it. Moreover, it’s got color anodized titanium backspace for support the body.

Reversible clip

This knife also has a reversible clip on its backside. Unlike others, this clip is strong enough to hold the entire knife into a place when it’s attacking with your pocket or something else.


  • Safe and flexible Axis locks system.
  • Easy one-handed opening and closing system.
  • Its aluminum made handle provides good grip and is a good size too.
  • An almost perfect ratio of the blade to handle.
  • The blade is S360V steel made which is tough got sharp tip and good for making a hole or puncturing.


  • Little bulky that other foldable knife.
  • The pocket clip is almost an unnecessary extension to use. It cannot perfectly hold or attach to anything.


  1. Question: Is this knife truly designed by Warren Osborne?

Answer: Yes it is.

  1. Question: most of the time I work with the knife around water, also it wet from sweat, and will this knife rust easily because of this situation?

Answer: the steel of the blade is very much rust proof. So you should not worry at all. Keep it clean and dry after washing.

  1. Question: is the blade serrated or non-serrated?

Answer: it’s nonserrated.

  1. Question: what is the dimension of the knife?

Answer: 6 x 3 x 1.5 inches.

Customer Reviews

Many customers share their real experiences about the Benchmade knife 940. Let’s see what they are saying about it.

Mr. Gold finger said “this is the best folded knife in my collection. It provide super grip, rock solid blades, and great service. I like the pocket clip option too.”

Another customer named Mitchell B. Roberson said about the knife is, “it is perfect for fit into my pocket and very sharp and tough on cutting. Good price and great product.”

Here is another review which states little bit different thoughts from other. It says, “I like the knife, especially the blade. Also, it’s easy to carry and work with it. My only complaint is the handles. It could be heavier for a good grip, I guess.” By Mr. Mathany.

So the overall view is, this knife is perfect for everyday carry and use for the cutting plant, meat, fruits or anything you need. It also has a pocket clip for attaching or carrying it with pouch or bag. Moreover, you will have a razor sharp sturdy knife within a reasonable price.

In conclusion

If you compare this type of foldable knives, then you will realize how the futuristic design and ergonomics combine with its. In additionally, this rock solid stainless steel will go as long as you want work with. Just keep it dry after use for remaining the sharpness and durability. So for the everyday outdoor use, you can choose the Benchmade knife 940.

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