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Benchmade Knife 940-1 Osborne Carbon Fiber Handle Free Shipping

The Benchmade Knife 940-1 Osborne carbon fiber handle knife is one of the best quintessential EDC (every day carry) tools for all the time. This knife is slim, stylish and great to perform any situation you need. This knife designed by Osborne, a great designer of ergonomic knives. Additionally, it has S90V premium stainless steel, ambidextrous thumb studs, and Axis lock. This folding knife is super strong to cut almost everything.

Benchmade Knife 940-1 Osborne Carbon Fiber Handle

Important Features of the Benchmade Knife 940-1 Osborne Carbon Fiber Handle

Light and strong blade

The Benchmade knife 940-1 has a slim and stylish blade to use. The blade is 3.4 inches in length just 0.115 inches in thickness. Moreover, it made with S90V premium stainless steel material. This modified reversible blade has the plain edge for a clean and deep cut. Overall, it’s strong blade if you compare it with others but still, it has the perfect shape for EDC.

Aluminum handle

This folding knife has carbon fiber handle scales with stainless steel liner. This handle is perfect for a comfortable and secure grip. It perfectly fits into your palm when you hold the folding knife. Moreover, it has blue anodized aluminum barrel spacers.

AXIS Lock system

The Benchmade knife 940-1 knife also has the AXIS locking system for the safe and comfortable blade on/off. It is rock solid but still smooth for moving. And also it never lets the blade move or swing one place to another.

Reversible pocket clip

The Benchmade knife 940-1 knife also has a reversible tip-up pocket clip. It allows you to keep the folding knife deep into pocket or your pouch


  • Very slim, narrow and light in both height and weight.
  • The blade material, cutting edge and thickness is great for cutting, slicing, dicing make a hole or puncture anything.
  • Its fiber handle makes the grip more comfortable, looks great and safer yet.
  • The Axis lock is rock solid but still so smooth.
  • No blade movable problem at all.


  • The product is little expensive from other this category knife.
  • The thumb stud is a little bit short and close to the blade.


  1. Question: is the knife easy to take apart and clean?

Answer: it may be not a piece of cake but still it’s not too difficult to do.

  1. Question: is the clip reversible?

Answer: nope.

  1. Question: is the handle hard enough to use as a bottle opener?

Answer: yes it is.

  1. Question: is this satin or stone wash?

Answer: S90V is too hard so it seems like a satin finish but its stone wash.

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Customer Reviews

It seems like it’s a good quality product for EDC. But what customers actually think about the Benchmade knife 940-1. Let’s find about it.

A customer named Mikel Seidl said, “I guess I have found my forever EDC knife! This is a stunning work of science and arts. The length of the blade and its usability is just great. It’s lightweight, easy to keep while traveling and its pocket clip allows for deep pocket carry.”

Also, Mr. James Wilber said, “With the ergonomics, it looks pretty too. Great for action very smooth and polished finish knife. I think the knife can be considered as heirloom quality. ” 

Another customer Mr. Jonathan Colanders is very pleased about the knife but also have a complaint too. He side, “The knife feels great, looks great too. Also, the handle provides good grip when I work with it. But I think the value of product little excessive. The price should be less if you caper with it another kind of knives.”

In conclusion

Furthermore, this is a USA origin product and serving to all over the world with maximum reliability. Although it specially made for outdoor EDC works so you can choose it for sure. This knife is a great combination of all these features, function, and design. So if you want a good quality product and don’t have any budget issue, then you can choose the Benchmade knife 940-1 Osborne carbon fiber handle knife.

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